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Women are crucial contributors to their societies. They are the ones who cross ethnic and religious borders and who see to the healthy development of their children. They are the ones to advocate for education, employment and new opportunities for young people.

The President of the Republic of South Sudan, H. E. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit once had passed his sincere thanks and congratulatory message to all the women of South Sudan and he said “You know that women had made enormous contributions in the liberation struggle. Their immense contributions to the birth of this nation are beyond any measurement. They are architects of our history and for clearing the way for future generations to live in a more equitable society. As government, we will do whatever we can within our capacity and power to make sure that they get the opportunities to realize their dreams and utilize their potentials at any level”.

Women are peace loving people. Peace can only last when women are also involved, that is why they are important in leadership roles in South Sudan. South Sudanese women have also made a lot of contributions in our society. They have participated a lot in the struggle of our people. They have made significant sacrifices; one of these women who we all proud of is the current Right Honorabel Speaker, Jemma Nunu Kumba.

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Your $40.00 monthly donation can give 12 people clean water every year. 100% funds water projects.

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